What our Customers say...


Phillip, Jesus, and Martin were professional and polite. They were able to answer any questions we had and more than willing to help when needed.

We discovered water and mold in our basement. Carlos was the team leader in removing affected materials drying out and spraying the area and cleaning up after the work. He was pleasant and efficient and explained the solutions in a professional manner.

Great company!!! Highly recommend

I had a chance to work with Corey and Mindy, from the Rigby/Idaho Falls office.  Not only are they friendly, but they are doing things for the community via emergency bags for those who have a loss of a home, so they have a few emergency needs like toiletry items and so on.  Totally impressed!

Britten Hafen was on time, very professional, quick and a complete pleasure. My dishwasher broke and flooded into the living room carpet. We cleaned it but had them come check for mold. Once she arrived she took care of everything, I didn't have to do anything after that. Next time I will call them quicker and just have them take care of everything!

Great teamwork!  SERVPRO offers respectful and caring employees when a crisis occurs. The crew wasted no time removing water damaged debris while at the same time crew members were removing or covering furniture to avoid damage.  Adrian managed his crew well, he answered my questions, if he could not, he followed protocol contacting Skylar for direction. I want to personally thank Cynthia, Beverly, Jessica and Vivian for their patience during the billing process. Thank you Skylar for working closely with other contractors.

Had some concerns about a possible water leak in my bathroom.  Britten and Jared showed up from SERVPRO.  They checked every thing several times and advised me that there were no issues that needed to be addressed.  Didn't try to get me to do unnecessary repairs.

Quick, friendly, honest and very Professional.

My experience with SERVPRO has been very positive.  I appreciated the constant updates from the crew and the way they explained the process of what they were doing.  They were very professional.

Everyone was very helpful and things were done in a timely and professional manner.  

I would definitely recommend SERVPRO to family and friends.

Oh Christmas tree I should have watered you more.  Luckily we were home to see it ignite or it could have been worse.  SERVPRO came so fast and helped us salvage our Christmas

The SERVPRO team was on site before I even knew what had hit me.  They had been driving by my burning building and stopped to see if they could assist in any way.  As I watched my building burn they helped me to formulate a plan in which when the disaster was over I could begin to rebuild quickly.  Thank you Jarod for you calm and understanding


As the manager of the store I always think of SERVPRO first when I need something done quickly.  Thank you SERVPRO

SERVPRO created a great Emergency Readiness Program for us to use, hopefully we will never have to but just in case, we have it


SERVPRO employees really seemed to know their stuff

Residents in 3 of our basement apartments experienced flooding last week.  Thankfully SERVPRO came quickly and worked fast to get those people back to living in such a short time

While we slept a sliding door left open to the elements during the last rainstorm really left our family room in a mess.  SERVPRO helped to extract all the water from the carpets and got us dried out within a few days

During our fall cleaning to get ready for winter some of our residents reported mold in the apartments.  SERVPRO helped to find the source and to get it all cleaned up. Fast response and courteous

We had a freak snowstorm in early October that resulted in our home having water damage.  We called SERVPRO of Idaho Falls and they removed the damaged area and then dried rest.  Their service was fast and professional.  Thank you SERVPRO.  

SERVPRO of Idaho Falls responded very fast to the removed the fire/smoke damage in my home.  I could not be more impressed with their company or the way they treated my items with care.  

I have used SERVPRO of Idaho Falls' services several times in the past and have been happy on every occasion.  This was no exception.  Guys were prompt, efficient workers and courteous.  Thanks for another great job!

Adrian was superb. The entire staff was concerned about our comfort throughout the process. We were kept
informed on every decision and felt very confident with the work being done. We would use SERVPRO of Idaho Falls again.

We had a small fire damage job at one of our apartments and SERVPRO of Idaho Falls was there to help.  We have used them in the past and have been very happy with their very good service.  In addition they are friendly and easy to work with. 

I was very impressed at how quickly, professionally, and nicely SERVPRO of Idaho Falls was able to help us fix our mold issue when we found a leak in our home. They did a great job and made my mold smelling basement smell like new again so I didn’t have to worry about anyone going downstairs and getting sick.

This is the fourth time we have used SERVPRO of Idaho Falls' services.  Each time they have helped us through a difficult situation.  Each of their workers were outstanding and provided terrific customer service.

Ice dams formed on our several of our buildings causing damage to multiple apartments. I called SERVPRO of Idaho Falls to assess and take care of the problem. They were very professional in every way and handled the problem quickly so we could get our tenants back into their apartments.  Thank you SERVPRO.

Because of the many pictures SERVPRO of Idaho Falls took of the damage to the room in my home, I was able to get insurance to pay for the loss.  The insurance company previously denied my claim and any payment to me.  However, SERVPRO provided the information needed to satisfy the claim.  Not only did SERVPRO take pictures, but they also took samples of the damaged flooring and wall boards.  Thank you SERVPRO of Idaho Falls.   I never could have repaired or paid for the all the damage without your help.

SERVPRO of Idaho Falls arrived with their staff ready to assess and get started. The lead technician told us they were here to help and to please get a coffee and sit and relax and we'll take it from here.

They did a very thorough job and removed drywall, and looked at the wood framing to be sure it was not wet. They treated the entire basement with a mold and mildew solution and dried out our basement. I would not know what to do without them. Thank you SERVPRO

SERVPRO was very responsive to the water damage that occurred in my home and understanding how it affected me.  Each person provided me with the best customer service available.  Thank you SERVPRO.

I could not be more pleased with SERVPRO and their level of service and professionalism.  I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone.

We had a large ice dam that resulted in several of our apartments being flooded.  SERVPRO not only was fast on the scene, but provided step-by-step instructions as to what to expect and when to expect it.  The daily communication they provided to me really helped me to keep the tenants abreast of the schedule and made a very stressful situation manageable. Thank you SERVPRO. 

SERVPRO was recommended by our insurance agent and we could not be happier with their work.  They were in and out in no time. 

We had some water damage and called SERVPRO to clean up the mess.  Not only did they tear out all the damaged material, they also did some construction work to make the area good as new.  Could not be happier.

I had SERVPRO come over to the house and give us an estimate to remove some mold we had from a ice dam.  Not only was the work performed quickly, but was also affordable.  I hope I never need disaster services again, but if I do, I will only call SERVPRO.

Had a toilet overflow in main level bathroom.  It flowed down into the bathroom in the basement. Called it in. Quick response time, professional demeanor. Very knowledgeable crew chief. Checked back as promised. Was able to save my much loved cobalt tile floor. No post-clean up problems. Competitive prices.

We used SERVPRO of Idaho Falls for our water damage from a shower pan that leaked. They were helpful and efficient and did a beautiful job putting it back together. I would definitely recommend them.

SERVPRO did a great job cleaning up the fire in Mud Lake, Idaho. They were friendly and efficient while cleaning the museum and demoing the Painted Pony Bar and Grill. Pretty much the best people for any job!!

I have used SERVPRO several times, both on jobs small and large. They have been consistent, fast and reliable. I would highly recommend them to anybody!

SERVPRO is the best remediation company around. My uncle called them to fix his roof after the storm, and they not only repaired his roof but repaired the water damage inside his home as well.

I must tell you that your employees that worked on our house were very kind, considerate and clean.  Thank You, Ann M.

SERVPRO is a great company to deal with when there is storm damage to your business. They have the right tools to handle any situation and they are available 24 hours a day to clean up water and any other service that you might need.

I believe SERVPRO should train other companies on customer service.  Your team kept me in frequent and steady communication and kept their commitments when they gave me dates/time they would come back for next steps.  They explained every step to me, why it was being done, how long it would be needed, what the next step was, who would be coming and when, etc.  I just can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the smooth, integrated way the various individuals worked.  It’s seldom that one individual can keep commitments that well, but your team has an ability to hand off to different individuals in subsequent steps and it always worked.  I’m impressed and have complimented your team to many of my friends and coworkers already.  Thank you again for your team’s assistance on my project.

Our apartment complex got water damage after some heavy snow and SERVPRO took care of all the units that got hit. We were lucky to have the least amount of damage. These guys were really amazing. My wall looks as good as new. Also they fixed my blinds in my living room and brought me more slats that were missing from previous damage. And that wasn't even the part of my apartment that had the damage!!! Thank You so much for doing that. If I ever become a home owner these are the guys I'm gonna call if I need them.