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Veteran Owned

We are a veteran owned and operated business. Our owner Skylar Price served for 9 years in the military and is now a proud owner of SERVPRO of Idaho Falls. 

Turkey anyone?

We love to help out the community by doing giveaways during the holiday season. We did a Giveaway for a FREE turkey to anyone who liked and commented on our Facebook page. This is a picture of our winner!

Our owners are #1

We have the BEST owners ever! Skylar and Tamara Price really are the best owners out there. They are so caring and giving and really care about their employees and their feelings.

Rainy Days

Even in the darkest time, SERVPRO will always help you to find that rainbow! Rain, snow, or shine SERVPRO will be there when you need us most. We are "Faster to any Disaster".

Duct Cleaning

We now offer duct cleaning to keep your home and business safe! Its spring and now is the time to get your ducts cleaned. Give our office today for your estimate.


#teamSERVPRO. We absolutely love our SERVPRO team. They are trained and ready to help you when you have to deal with a fire, water, mold, or asbestos disaster. Give SERVPRO a call today 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Helpful Friend But No Roofer

This homeowner had a friend help him patch his roof but the flashing was installed incorrectly and the next rain storm resulted in another call to a qualified roofer and more costly repairs.  When it come to water, sometimes DIY is not the best way to go

Up On The House Top, Idaho Falls, ID

The roofer did not follow the weather closely enough to determine whether tarping was required when he left the job that day.  Unfortunately mother nature paid a call to this homeowner

Cracks in Toilet Seals Can Cause Mold, Idaho Falls, ID

Rarely seen by a homeowner is a small crack in the wax toilet seal.  This homeowner was unaware of the problem until water started coming up through the tiles.  By then it had saturated the materials beneath and begun to grow mold

Old Mold Growth, Idaho Falls, ID

Cracked shower or tub grout is not only unsightly but can lead to mold growth as the water has the perfect opportunity to find its way wunder the cracks and begin to grow.  Regrout all cracks to ensure the wet stays out

The Ceiling Is Raining, Idaho Falls, ID

One would not expect water to drip on your head in a local business but a busted pipe in the ceiling did just that to an unwitting patron.  SERVPRO was called and repairs were made quickly.

Tree Root VS Sewer Line, Idaho Falls, ID

Some things just cant be forseen, like this sewer line back up that invaded the space of this local business.  Inspections showed that tree roots had infiltrated the sewer lines and it had to be snaked

The Power of Water, West Yellowstone, MT

A call to a local hotel in West Yellowstone, MT found a pipe had come disconnected and water ran for up to 3 days.  The force was so strong it drilled a hole in the wall

Water Damage Is No Vacation, Idaho Falls, ID

This homeowner had taken an extended vacation and came home to find he needed waders in his basement.  It is unknown exactly how long a broken water line had dumped water in to the basement but he said it could have been up to 3 weeks

Faulty Wiring Causes Garage Fire Idaho Falls, ID

Faulty wiring caused this garage so start fire with little warning but some there were a few indicators of an issue.  The owner stated that the lightswitch had sparked and she smelled something funny when she turned on the light that evening.  

Garage Fire in Idaho Falls, ID

Electric space heaters can cause a lot of damage when left unattended in the garage.  This homeowner found that out the hard way when he came home from shopping to discover a pet had tipped it over and it ignited nearby materials. 

Commercial Grease Fire in Rexburg, ID

This commercial kitchen in Rexburg, ID suffered significant smoke and fire damage due to grease.  Our team was onsite within minutes to offer whatever assistance needed.  The owner could not believe how quickly and professionally the SERVPRO of Idaho Falls team responded.

Even short-term closings can have a devastating effect on a business, so working quickly to get the doors open is vital.  SERVPRO of Idaho Falls has been working around the clock with teams upwards to ten people to get the business back open.

SERVPRO has been cleaning all the smoke damaged areas as well as replacing some water damaged areas where mold had formed.  Large job or small SERVPRO is here for you.

Washer Hose Leak Causes Mold in Idaho Falls, ID

You are looking at a picture after SERVPRO of Idaho Falls was called in to remove mold damage that started in the laundry room.  The damage occurred as the result of a leaky washer hose.  Apparently, the hose had been leaking for a significant amount of time as there were actually three rooms affected.  

The owners of the home could not be happier with SERVPRO's customer service and attention to detail.  Once all the drying has completed this basement will be ready to be put together in the exact same state it was prior to the damage.

Thank you SERVPRO of Idaho Falls.  The client said they would definitely use their services again.

Moose in Jackson Wyoming

While traveling to a help a customer with a mold issue in their home, SERVPRO of Idaho Falls came upon a couple of moose grazing by the side of the road.  The Idaho Falls area is an amazing place to live and we are lucky to be part of it.  

Although this picture was taken in late September 2017 notice the snow is already forming on the mountains.  Nothing is better than Idaho summers, but you better be pretty hardy to live here in the winters.  

Yellowstone Park is an hour away and will get up to 55' of snow a year.  If you have only been to the park in the summer, you are missing out.  

Water Damage to Commercial Building in Idaho Falls, ID

This commercial building sustained significant water damage over a weekend while the business was closed.  Unfortunately, the water ran all weekend before anyone noticed the problem.  SERVPRO of Idaho Falls was called to fix the damage.  The water damaged a storage area (pictured) and its product, employee bathrooms, lunchroom, and multiple offices.  SERVPRO of Idaho Falls worked after regular business hours in order to keep the business up and running during while fixing the damages.  The owners could not have been happier with SERVPRO's services.

Mold in Residential Building in Idaho Falls, Idaho

This picture is the result of a leaky air conditioner.  The moisture caused damage to the flooring and the subfloor as well.  What you are seeing is mold damage to the subfloor.  Although giving appliances a regular tune up is inconvenient and an added expense, it is far less expensive and intrusive than the damage that can occur.

Ice Dam Causes Mold in Rigby, ID

This picture is the result of an ice dam that occurred during the winter of 2017.  The water backed up on the roof and leaked into a storage closet.  Because this closet was mostly unused the area stayed wet and went from bad to worse, water to mold.

Fridge Water Filter Causes Water Damage in Jackson, WY

A water filter on the fridge clogged and caused water damage throughout the kitchen at this high-end resort home.  The picture you are seeing is SERVPRO of Idaho Falls' specialty wood drying mats in an attempt to save the hardwood flooring.  Because of the specialty equipment SERVPRO was able to save the flooring and the customer was thrilled with the result.

Vandalism Causes Huge Water Damage in Idaho Falls, ID

A local doctor's office arrived to work one Monday to an building full of water.  The water was the result of the nearby canal overflowing from neighborhood kids opening the flood gate.  SERVPRO of Idaho Falls arrived on site to 8 feet of standing water throughout the basement.  SERVPRO extracted water for 12+ hours.  

Flooded Baseball Field in Illinios

Recent heavy rains in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois resulted in flooding throughout the region such as this baseball field in Lake Villa, IL.

SERVPRO of Idaho Falls answered the call and sent a team of water restoration specialists to help the homeowners and businesses return to their normal life as fast as possible.  

The relief and appreciation on the faces of those in need was immeasurable.  

Idaho Falls Commercial Water Damage

A business center in Idaho Falls had standing water on its commercial carpet. Industrial grade wet-vacs removed the water that was less than an inch deep. Swift water removal will help to salvage the floor covering.

Iona Water Damaged Ceiling

The water lines in the attic dripped sufficient moisture onto the ceiling acoustical tiles that they began to sag. The partial demolition removed the non-salvageable building material and the leak fixed before an antimicrobial product was sprayed into the exposed area. Get it done right with SERVPRO.

Fire Damage – Ammon Sofa

Fire damage at this Ammon home had left this sofa with heavy soot and smoke damage. The homeowners felt they would have to replace the sofa and other furniture. However, SERVPRO’s proven procedures and products returned the sofa to like new condition.

Storm Damage – Idaho Falls

Storm damage can be very severe at times in Idaho Falls requiring substantial resources to mitigate damage. SERVPRO has trucks loaded with equipment and the staff ready to operate the equipment on a twenty-four-hour basis. “We are faster to any disaster.”

Mold Damage – Idaho Falls

Mold damage in your Idaho Falls home or commercial facility often begins with something very simple. The above photo shows a leaky window which is an example of a small source of moisture which eventually led to mold damage.

Commercial Water Damage – Idaho Falls Hotel

Commercial water damage was suffered by this Idaho Falls hotel when a fire in one room created enough smoke to set off the sprinkler system on three floors of the hotel. The photo shows that the ceiling and flooring were destroyed. SERVPRO of Idaho Falls cleaned up the debris and extracted the standing water. Then drying was provided with commercial air movers and dehumidifiers.

Ammon Water Damage

The foundation allowed seepage of groundwater after a storm and water damaged the baseboard and some of the underlay of the laminated flooring. We extracted the water and used several pieces of equipment to dry out the area.

Smoke Detector and Alarm Install Ammon

SERVPRO of Idaho Falls, along with the Ammon Fire Department and the American Red Cross were able to install free smoke alarms within the community for those in need.  All together we were able to install 116 alarms and 32 batteries in 41 homes. We are grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and improve the safety and well being of those in our community.  

Storms, Trees, and Tarps

A severe wind storm split this oak tree, and a huge limb crashed through the roof of this home in Ammon. We were called in to remove the intruding limb and then to secure the damaged roof. Our SERVPRO of Idaho Falls techs covered the ruined soffit and roof area with a tarp to keep out the elements until repairs could be made. Fast service from SERVPRO is just a call away at (208) 523-5365.

Fire Damage Education in Idaho Falls

Fire Damage Education is the purpose for the burn boxes that we are constructing in conjunction with the local fire department. Continuing education classes sponsored by SERVPRO of Idaho Falls will utilize them on an ongoing basis. Local fire departments located in our service area will take advantage of the burn boxes at open house events to perform side by side fire burns for training. Please call (208) 523-5365 with questions about the burn boxes or fire damage cleanup in general.

Rexburg Leaking Drain Pipe Causes Water Damage

This water damage in Rexburg was the result of a drain pipe that cracked at the elbow. The damage was easy enough to fix after replacing the cracked pvc. The fogging of an antimicrobial agent was important in this process.

Rine Fire Damage

This rural storage area sustained extensive fire damage. The Rine owner needed the repair to be done to store some specific equipment. SERVPRO can cleanup and also restore the damaged structure back to functionality and utility.

Rigby Mold Remediation in a Garage

An unnoticed small leak over time led to an extensive mold infestation throughout the batten insulation in this garage attic. Technicians had to safely remove the non-salvageable material and use a HEPA filtration systems to prevent cross contamination to other areas of the house.

Water Makes a Commercial Deposit in a Bank

The flat roof did not hold out the water during a heavy downpour. The commercial water damage was isolated to a small area. The techs removed several ceiling panels to inspect, dry, and sanitize the attic crawl. SERVPRO worked around customer traffic.