Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Closes Business in Idaho Falls

Mold can start within a very short period of time after a water damage can occur.  This particular client initially called SERVPRO of Idaho Falls to repair... READ MORE

Commercial Building with Water Damage in Idaho Falls

This commercial water loss started from a leaky pipe and affected the entire wall behind the food prep counter.  Unfortunately, the damage was significant ... READ MORE

Truck Accident Causes Building Damage in Idaho Falls

A truck ran into the side of a commercial building causing quite a bit of structural damage.  SERVPRO of Idaho Falls was called in to remove all of the dam... READ MORE

City Water Pipe Breaks in Idaho Falls

This flooded commercial building basement was the result of a broken city water pipe.  When SERVPRO of Idaho Falls arrived on the scene there was over one ... READ MORE

Smoldering Ashes Cause Fire Damage in Idaho Falls

This fire and smoke damaged bathroom was caused from the home owner emptying an ash tray into the bathroom garbage that was full of tissue.  Although it ap... READ MORE

Water Heater Floods Basement in Idaho Falls, ID

A leaky water heater flooded this Idaho Falls, Idaho basement.  The owners were out of town and several days passed before the problem was discovered. &nbs... READ MORE

Sewage in Crawl Space in Idaho Falls, ID home

This flooded crawlspace in Idaho Falls, ID was the result of a backed up sewage drain.  It started in the main floor bathroom and flooded into the crawlspa... READ MORE

Flooded House in Idaho Falls, ID

An irrigation ditch head failed and the result was a flooded house as it found its way in through the foundation.  There was two to three inches of water t... READ MORE

Flooded Crawl Space in Idaho Falls, ID

This flooded crawl space was the result of a broken pipe in the home.  The HVAC was turned off resulting in high humidity and heavy condensation to occur. ... READ MORE

Mold throughout the Attic in Idaho Falls, ID

This home in Idaho Falls, ID had a significant leak in its roof.  Over time the leak saturated the entire attic and mold formed literally everywhere.  ... READ MORE