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Deer Park Idaho Fire Gives Homeowners a Scare

9/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Deer Park Idaho Fire Gives Homeowners a Scare Menan Idaho Fire

The recent Deer Park fire that burned nearly 20,000 acres north of Menan and put several homes on evacuation was a clear reminder that disaster can strike at any time. This time of year, poses and an even greater threat because of hot dry conditions. Those conditions can turn brush around your home into tinder that can increase your chances of fire, especially if you live in a rural area with natural habitat surrounding your home. No matter the time of year or where you live take the time to help protect your home.

  • Check for fire dangers and minimize them
  • Verify you have smoke detectors and they are in working condition
  • Create a family emergency plan and make sure everyone understands it

Soot and Smoke Will Linger if Not Treated Properly

9/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Soot and Smoke Will Linger if Not Treated Properly Lingering Smoke Damage

If you have had fire damage affect your home you know how scary and intrusive it can be. Long after the fire has been put out the smell of smoke can linger. SERVPRO of Idaho Falls and Rexburg is an expert in cleaning and restoration.

As you can see in the this picture the walls and ceiling of this basement have been stained with soot. The smell of smoke will continue even after its rebuilt if the soot isn’t removed and all the surfaces treated.  Many people do not realize concrete is a porous material and will absorb the smell of smoke. It will take Soda blasting and several different treatments in order to remove the smell from this structure.

After you have rebuilt or repaired your home from a fire the last thing you will want is the smell of smoke in your home as constant reminder of what happened. If you have had a fire in your home let us put our experience to work for you.

Mold in Your Commercial Property Can Be Bad for You and Your Business

9/16/2017 (Permalink)

If you have had a water damage on your property it only takes 48-72 hrs for mold to start growing.  It is easy for you or tenants to take a quick look and think “I’m good, I don’t see any mold”. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and one of our recent jobs was a good reminder of that. Mold can grow in your walls, behind your baseboards, and under flooring. It’s dark and can often times take longer to dry.

When mold is discovered it cause several problems you and your business if not handled correctly. If you have had water damage large or small SERVPRO of Idaho Falls is here to help.  Our mold certified workers bring the knowledge and experience needed for any mold job.

Ice and Water Damage in September?

9/16/2017 (Permalink)

Ok so we don’t have to worry too much about ice causing damage this time of year.  But that is exactly my point, it’s time to prepare. Ice can cause home damage in many ways. For now, let’s focus on ice dams. Ice buildup a long your eves (edge of your roof) is what we refer to as an ice dam. The ice builds up and won’t let the water run off your roof forming a large puddle on your roof! Roofs are great for shedding water off your home, but they are not designed to hold water. That damned water will then run into your home causing a lot of damage. Last year was a very bad year for ice dams because of the cold and amount of snow we got. We multiple homes and businesses with water and mold damage from ice dams.  While the last bit of warm weather is still here it’s a perfect time to prepare.

  • Be aware of areas on your roof where ice generally builds up.
  • Have the insulation in your home or building inspected to ensure its well-insulated.
  • Consider having heat cable and rain gutters installed in areas that tend to build up ice to help ensure you don’t have any problems.

If disaster does strike, SERVPRO of Idaho Falls is has the training and experience to fix the problem for you.

Professional Water Damage Mitigation Available For Your Business In Idaho Falls

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Professional Water Damage Mitigation Available For Your Business In Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Stays Clean with SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Idaho Falls Commercial Water Damage Get the SERVPRO Restoration Treatment

Having to maintain all of the washing machines and dryers in your laundromat takes time. Between dealing with customers, malfunctions, and supply issues getting time to address breakdowns or servicing problems can be hard.
For water damage to your Idaho Falls laundry business, you have a company who wants to help you, see you succeed, and can provide you with the assistance you need to keep your forward momentum. It takes a single phone call to get the help you need to prevent problems that could cause your doors to close permanently.
SERVPRO technicians can help you stay focused on protecting your property, provide you with emergency services, and limit the losses you experience when accidents occur. Maintaining control over the water sources in your building gives you a way to prevent additional damages from forming.  
The staff at SERVPRO works with each customer to provide unique solutions to problems that exist on their property. Everything from maintenance schedules, to performing repairs and restorations to existing damage, staying within budget and keeping costs down.
Professional SERVPRO teams put several years of experience to work for you, using access to industrial grade equipment and other resources to tackle even larger problems quickly. We have a variety of resources available that turn a stressful situation into an opportunity for making improvements.  
Everything at our disposal makes performing restorations on your property and managing the entire experience easier. This frees you up to concentrate on what matters most, and peace of mind knowing that your property is in the hands of SERVPRO.
We can be there for you, should disaster strike on your property and make ourselves available to take alternative measures that lead to saving you both time and money. Leave you business in the hands of professional water damage restoration personnel.
Never take chances by using a second-hand company, one with workers that might cause more harm than good. You deserve to receive the best possible results, continuing support, and a lasting relationship that keeps giving back.
At SERVPRO of Idaho Falls, we make ourselves available when you need us and provide you with the services you deserve. Call today. (208) 523-5365

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Idaho Falls Mold Testing Only When Needed

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Idaho Falls Mold Testing Only When Needed Idaho Falls Mold Testing May Be Needed

SERVPRO Offers Remediation Post Mold Testing After Positive Results

The threat from mold growth is multiple. There is the visual infestation that covers ceilings, walls, and other structural property. If the visible signs go unchecked, the mold grows into drywall, wood beams and other parts of the home. In addition to physical damage, there are the health effects that mold can have on some people. Each of these threats requires remediation to remove them; this may involve cleaning only, but cases that went unnoticed for an extended period require removal and replacement of damaged property.

Testing for mold at the first suspicion is the best way to go. SERVPRO performs a mold testing check for our Idaho Falls neighbors. Our office is licensed to perform mold inspections and has developed a protocol that includes the following:

We perform a visual inspection that includes photo documentation of all mold growth. If the visual inspection uncovers mold growth, no further testing is needed. If the fungi are present, they need removal and remediation. Air and surface samples from every room in the house or apartment along with a laboratory report to explain the findings, only if needed. After completion, one of our inspectors sits down with each customer to explain not just the results, but every step we took during the inspection.

Also, we provide an estimate of what steps we take to treat and remove the mold along with how much each task costs. If we do not find mold, our inspector gives the homeowner a report that states the house or apartment was tested and found to have no excess mold that poses a threat.

We have some of the best training and the latest equipment in the restoration industry, but it is our reputation that matters the most. If we uncover mold, and before we start the remediation process, we recommend that you hire a third party to perform the same tests. The second round of testing provides you with peace of mind by removing any potential conflict of interest.

Finally, if you see mold, there is no need to contact SERVPRO of Idaho Falls or anyone else for testing. Instead, call us at (208) 523-5365 to return your home to its pre-infested state. We are here to help.

How are Electrical Outlets Affected During a Flood in Idaho Falls?

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How are Electrical Outlets Affected During a Flood in Idaho Falls? If flooding reaches your outlet and causes a fire, make sure that you call SERVPRO to remediate your propery quickly before secondary damage sets in.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Remediate Both Fire and Flood Damage After a Disaster

When flooding rises high enough to enter an electrical outlet, the usual result is usually just a loss of power. In some cases, however, the resulting sparks and damage can start a fire in a house, apartment, or commercial building.

There are restoration companies that specialized in water damage, but very few have the experience and knowledge to handle the effects of both fire damage and flood damage in Idaho Falls. SERVPRO has decades in the business of returning your home to its original condition; our response teams can pump out a basement and scrub away smoke residues with equal ease.

Fortunately, fire damage caused by a flooded outlet is generally small and primarily smoke damage in nature. Drywall affected by either type of disaster requires removal, so the workload for our team members is not increased by dealing with two disasters on one job site. The rising smoke, however, leaves smoke residue higher up the walls which means that more wall panels require removal. Ceiling tiles may have to be cleaned or replaced as well.

Water damage to an outlet means a replacement from the hardware store; normally less than $5 apiece. The point of ignition is where the fire begins, and in this case, the electrical outlet is only the start of the damage. The wires leading to the outlet are melted to the outlet box and require cutting above any visible damage. An additional inspection is necessary to make certain that the burned wires did not compromise other building material.

If the damage runs very far back along the wires, then they require replacing, so the new outlet is set in the original location. Our technicians can run new wiring from any point in the structure back to the breaker box if needed to rebuild your home’s wiring system. This task is simpler once other team members finish removing the flooded drywall; exposing the electrical system for easier access.

Dealing with damage from a fire or flood is a long, complicated process. Restoring your home and property from both requires a professional service with access to a nationwide support network of equipment and training. SERVPRO of Idaho Falls is proud to call this area home and stands ready to help you whenever a disaster strikes. Call us today at (208) 523-5365.

Idaho Falls - Asbestos Removal Requires a Cautious Approach

4/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Idaho Falls - Asbestos Removal Requires a Cautious Approach SERVPRO Safely Abates Asbestos Contamination from Idaho Falls Structures

SERVPRO Has Qualified Technicians for Asbestos Abatement

Restoring your home after a disaster brings multiple issues. There are the physical matters such as weakened ceilings and sub-floors after a storm. The atmosphere after a fire is often toxic with odors. A common problem after many disasters is the presence of asbestos. While it is safe to use, and have in your home, once it is damaged, there is a risk to everyone who steps inside.

Asbestos removal from your Idaho Falls home is a breathing hazard and is not a clean-up issue that can be handled wearing rubber gloves and a surgical mask. SERVPRO knows which structure materials are a risk and should be either cleaned or removed depending on their condition.
Asbestos is a great material for decoration. It provides texture to paints which make for more attractive walls and ceilings. It also is mixed with plaster which makes for a stronger surface. It also is an excellent additive to acoustical sprays which help provide sound-proofing. It only becomes unsafe when it is cracked, burned, or otherwise damaged which releases asbestos into the air and the thread-like strands are a threat to anyone in the structure.

As an insulator, asbestos is used to reduce heat transfer in heating tanks and HVAC ducts. It is superb for wrapping pipes, blanketing large areas and even mixed with cement. Water does not cause harm in these uses, but fire and storm winds can tear or break it, releasing material into the air.
Our technicians first examine to see if removal is required. Paints that have a layer of smoke residue can be wiped down or cleaned and left in place. Asbestos blankets and wraps that are intact remain in situ. If we find building material that is damaged, then our response team dons masks with asbestos filters and perhaps even breathing gear if they determine the amount of released asbestos to be a significant enough problem.

Next, we physically remove every piece of damaged material that contains asbestos. We dispose of it per local and state regulations. If there is asbestos dust or other small pieces, we use vacuums with special HEPA filters to catch the circulating debris

Removing asbestos is time-consuming, but a necessary process. In many cases, SERVPRO of Idaho Falls performs this task in conjunction with other restoration procedures, but we check every possible threat and remove it if needed. If you suspect that you may have an asbestos issue, call us today at (208) 523-5365. We are here to help.

Sewer Spill In Idaho Falls

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Sewer Spill In Idaho Falls Cleaning up sewage after a ruptured sewer line or septic tank is much more important than just getting rid of a bad smell.

Sewage Cleanup

A sewer spill is one of the most unforgettable events to happen to a homeowner or renter. Depending on the amount and source (septic tanks usually being worse), the smell can not only drive a person from their home but empty out an entire neighborhood if the spill is outside the home.

Cleaning up sewage after a ruptured sewer line or septic tank is much more important than just getting rid of a bad smell. Even when there is only contaminated or ‘gray’ water, the health threat to your family makes your home unlivable because of the bacteria and fungi that reside in every sewer line. SERVPRO has the knowledge and experience needed to remove this threat.

First, we identify the source of the contamination. If it is a backed-up or ruptured sewer line pushing waste back into your home, our technicians cap it to prevent further contamination. In the case of a cracked septic tank, our personnel can seal it off within a few hours. As this happens, other team members begin removing contaminated water and waste. We have a series of pumps designed for use in a home that draws out standing water in a few hours. Even a large home can be pumped out in less than a day.

Disinfecting your home is now the priority. Any spill involving human waste is a biohazard. This type of contamination cannot be washed away with a bucket of warm water and bleach. Carpets contaminated with ‘gray’ water must be removed and thrown out. It is simply not safe to try to clean and dry them for continued use in your home. Furniture can be cleaned and returned to the home. We use a variety of disinfectant sprays to kill any bacteria on wood, metal, or glass. It might be necessary to remove the veneer from wood furniture to ensure removal of all the bacteria.

An outside spill is simpler to clean-up but can be very labor intensive. Contaminated soil cannot safely remain in the ground. We use backhoes and other earth moving equipment to remove the dirt and haul it away to break down the contamination. Once the soil tests are clean, we return it to your home and fill in the excavation.

Cleaning up after a sewer spill is an event no one soon forgets. While the cost is usually less than in other disasters, failing to do it correctly means a continuing health threat and further damage that can render your home unlivable. SERVPRO of Idaho Falls is here to help you stop that from happening. Call us today at (208) 523-5365.

Services Available To Combat Sewage Leaks In Idaho Falls

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Services Available To Combat Sewage Leaks In Idaho Falls Want Safe Sewage Cleanup in Idaho Falls? Call SERVPRO

Idaho Falls Sewage Problems Call for Knowledgeable Help from SERVPRO

As a form of wastewater management, the sewer system in your home delivers contaminants (human waste) produced by our community to a wastewater treatment facility for processing. Making various liquid and solid sludge suitable for refining and safe for reuse in our environment is critical.

When you have a sewage system in your Idaho Falls home that has existed longer than its expected life cycle, problems arise. Issues from poorly maintained, or improperly installed systems and time cause degradation of your sewer lines, leading to backups, overflows, improper drainage, and contamination in your home.
The water produced by the sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers, and clothes washers consist of what professionals call Grey Water. Water from your toilets, which contains feces, urine, toilet paper, and flush-water, is what we call Black Water. Both contain biohazards that pose dangerous health risks to workers and occupants if exposed to large amounts.
When a restoration company, like SERVPRO, responds to any water damage or flood damage situations on your property, they follow IICRC Standards for Professional Water Damage Restoration (S500). These standards provide microbiological information concerning the handling and disposal of wastewater at the residential or workplace level and their possible harmful effects on our environment.
SERVPRO treats all sewage and flood waters as highly infectious waste materials, including all of the items that they come into contact with during an event. Sewage sources may contain a variety of communicable diseases including cholera, tetanus, typhoid, polio, and hepatitis, all of which require special safety precautions to prevent infection. Pathogens and bacteria must be dealth with in a careful manner.
SERVPRO technicians use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to use such as respirators, chemical-resistant gloves, rubber boots, splash goggles, and even full-body suits when necessary. We also set up the proper containment areas to prevent the spread of waste while attempting to move materials and equipment into and out of the affected area.
Our cleaning technicians use an EPA-registered disinfectant on all waste materials and any surfaces exposed to infectious waste, following specific dwell times and reapplying disinfectants as needed to remove all of the waste from different types of material.
Wastewater disposal improperly causes significant issues for our environment, making the process critical. Our technicians use the proper disposal methods and test the entire area after performing a restoration on your property.
Often, third-party evaluations in day-care facilities, nursing homes, or hospitals, are employed. Regulations dictate that where public health issues, microbial contamination, or high-risk contamination may occur in the environment we have created, no precaution is exaggerated.
Do not take any chances when dealing with this kind of issue. Contact SERVPRO of Idaho Falls today and put our expertly trained technicians to work for you. (208) 523-5365